• Healthy Eating Popcorn Kit for employees

    Who Doesn't Love Popcorn

    Introducing the "Who Doesn't Love Popcorn" kit, designed to enhance employee wellness with a delightful twist!…

  • Snack Attack

    Snack Attack

    Introducing the "Snack Attack Kit" - the perfect solution for corporate wellness initiatives aimed at promotin…

  • Custom Branded Lunch Kit for Employees

    What's For Lunch

    Introducing the "What's for Lunch Kit" – a game-changer for organizations looking to enhance workplace w…

  • Custom Food Scale Kit for Employees

    Weigh Your Options

    Say hello to the "Weigh Your Options Kit" – the game-changer for those aiming to conquer portion control…

  • Live Longer Kit

    Live Longer Kit

    Introducing the "Live Longer Kit" – an exclusive ensemble designed to enhance your culinary experience a…

  • Exercise Roulette Tote Die Notebook

    Exercise Roulette

    Introducing the Exercise Roulette Kit – a challenging kit designed to elevate employee well-being and pr…

  • Custom Branded Fitness Dice Kit for Employees

    No Gym. No Problem.

    No gym, no problem! Get a full-body workout with just the roll of the dice. Each workout is different, an…

  • Financial Wellness Challenge

    Financial Wellness Challenge

    Download our free guide with tips and tricks for implementing a simple financial challenge in your organizatio…

  • Hydration Challenge

    Hydration Challenge

    A hydration challenge is an easy challenge to incorporate into your annual wellness program. Download our free…

  • Women's Health

    Women's Health

    Remember to celebrate the simple pleasures in life that can bring us so much joy! Take time to focus on your h…

  • Habit Helper

    Habit Helper

    Did you know the most recent significant study shows that it can take anywhere between 18 and 254 days to form…

  • Sip, Sip Hooray

    Sip, Sip Hooray

    Three cheers for a healthy, easy smoothie! Kick-start your day with a simple, tasty treat. Included in this ki…

  • Custom Workout for Employees

    24 Minute Workout

    Introducing the "24 Minute Workout Kit" – a comprehensive package engineered for employee well-being. Di…

  • 15 Minute Workout

    15 Minute Workout

    Introducing the "15 Minute Workout" – a dynamic set crafted to boost the well-being of your incredible w…